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Setup IPTV on Smart IPTV

Setup IPTV on Smart IPTV

What is Smart IPTV ( SIPTV )?

Smart IPTV  or  SIPTV, is a service which delivers the television channels, and is an SSIPTV player with an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) that allows you to quickly access your favorite IPTV channels. However, as stated on their official website, Smart IPTV does not include channels, so you will need to subscribe to an SSIPTV service to add your own,With the help of this application, no matter what brand of Smart TV you are using this app works on all Smart TVs such as LG, Samsung, and Sony.

Installing this app on some devices is as simple as installing an app on your phone, but on other platforms, you’ll need to do a little more work to get it up and running. Furthermore, not all platforms are supported, so keep in mind what devices Smart IPTV supports before diving in.

smart IPTV  is the most used application for streaming SSIPTV channels on Smart TV with frequent updates and a user-friendly interface. All you need is a Smart TV and an internet connection. This application also supports EPG as well as Picons and grouping. In order to have EPG, Picons and channel groups, the M3U file or URL that you are uploading to this application, must be m3u with options.

Please note, the application does not include any channels, you have to add your own m3u playlists.

What are the SMART TV devices that are supported?

Not only is SIPTV an Android app, but it’s also available on a variety of Smart TV devices. However, you might not be able to locate it on the official app stores for some systems, so you’ll have to go to their official website to get it.

Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, LG Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, and MAG devices are all supported by SIPTV at the time of writing. So if you have any of these devices, you’re in luck since SIPTV will work fine with them.


1- Access the Smart Hub of downloadable applications from your smart tv.

2- Install the SMART IPTV application (it should also be noted that this application is paid for after a certain time in general Seven days from the date of its installation, a single purchase of 5.49 euro is enough to have it forever )

3- Open the application and retrieve the mac address (TV MAC) which will be used during activation

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1- Go to the SIPTV site:

2- Type your MAC address that you have previously retrieved in the first field (MAC) relating to the option (Delete playlist) at the bottom of the page and check the Captcha box if the site asks you to.

3- Type your MAC address that you have previously retrieved in the first field (MAC) relating to the 2nd option (Add external playlist links (URLs), with auto-update)

4- Paste your m3u link that you must have purchased beforehand in the 2nd field (LINK)

(We do not recommend installing the m3u file instead of the m3u link)

5- Choose from the drop-down menu France as the country instead of ExUSSR,

6- Click on ADD LINK

7- A validation message will be displayed.

8- Please restart the application on your TV to access the channels.

How to activate the Smart IPTV app:

In the beginning, the App offers you a 7-day free trial. After the App expires, you will have to pay (a one-time fee of 5.49 EUR) to use it. To purchase the app & activate your MAC, please visit


  • Enter your MAC address (with the “:”)
  • Enter an email address
  • Choose the payment method Paypal or card (the activation of the Smart IPTV application will be immediate)
  • Confirm the payment and that’s it.

My Smart IPTV App Mac Address Changed”

There’s nothing to worry about here! There are 2 MAC addresses on each TV: WiFi and Ethernet. When you switch to another connection, the activation of the second MAC address is automatic. You only have to restart the app to continue using it.


“I Get Error Messages with My Playlist”

If your playlist works on other devices and not on your Smart TV, try this example test list. If it works, the problem is with your playlist.


Make sure that all the stream links in your playlist are working. Then, check if your TV supports the codecs. Each model supports different stream formats; check with the manufacturer for more information.


“I Get Error Messages When Using the App Smart IPTV ”

Sometimes, you may also encounter error messages like, “no playlist uploaded,” “check playlist URL,” or such. When that happens, try using the example test list again. If it works, check your playlist for errors.


The URL you provided should be a direct link. You may also try downloading it and then uploading it as a static playlist.


If you get, “check playlist URL,” try turning off your device, waiting 1 minute, and then turning it back on. Reducing the size of your playlist might also be able to solve this problem.


Learn More About IPTV

“How do I install and use my Smart IPTV app?” This guide should help you resolve any issues you have. Feel free to dig in and explore the app as well, to configure your TV the way you want.


IPTV is the next generation of television programming, and it offers far more advantages than the traditional methods of delivery. You get to enjoy higher quality programs, and you get only the content you want.

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