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Setup IPTV playlist in Duplex IPTV

Setup IPTV playlist in Duplex IPTV

Duplex IPTV is a relatively new and good IPTV player for Android and Smart TV (Samsung, LG) that supports all free playlists with TV channels. In this post, I want to show you how to install, configure and add your channel lists.

The application has a specific addition of playlists through the site with the input of your “Device ID”. Something in common with OTTPlayer , but does not require registration. About all this a little further, but now let’s see why the application got into this blog.

It also supports all the popular playlists (e.g., M3U, M3U8) and video stream formats.

Duplex IPTV comes with a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easier for everyone to navigate and browse through the channel playlists.

Users can also switch between audio tracks and toggle on embedded subtitles on select SSIPTV streams. Furthermore, the built-in IPTV player lets you seek precisely through the VOD streams.

Note that Duplex IPTV doesn’t offer any free SSIPTV channels. Just like every other IPTV player, Duplex IPTV requires users to upload their own IPTV playlists.


  • Fast and light.
  • Cross-platform. Can be installed on LG Smart TV (webOS), Samsung Smart TV, Android TV.
  • Has built-in players.
  • Supports all playlists .
  • You can add many playlists.
  • Convenient list of favorite and recent channels.
  • Many settings for the most demanding.
  • There is a recording function.
  • Cool navigation.
  • There is a brightness control. You can make the TV less bright in the evening.

If we talk about the shortcomings, I have noticed only 2 so far: not quite well-thought-out controls on the TV boxes and a frightening appearance.

Download Duplex IPTV

Before proceeding with registering the device, adding playlists and setting up, first install the application.

This IPTV application available for many different operating systems and devices :

Android and Android TV play store:

LG smart TV (WebOS) : available in the LG content store

Samsung TV (Tizen OS) : available in the Official Samsung App Store (USA store only)

Windows and Xbox : Install from Windows store >

Amazon Fire TV : Read FAQ in End of this article to learn how install on Fire TV stick.

Setup IPTV playlist in Duplex IPTV

Note your Device ID and Device Key

After installing application , Open it and you will see the Device ID and Device key (You can find it by choose activation tab too)


Login into Duplex IPTV management portal
Navigate to and Enter Device ID and Device key you noted in step 1 , Then click on Manage Device


Add XC Playlist
You can add playlist via both method M3u Link and Xtream connection , We recommend to connect via XC (xtream) playlist.
and Fill your Xtream connection details which you must give from your IPTV provider , If you have not click here to place IPTV subscription now.
Playlist Name: You can set any name for your playlist.
Enter Username , Password and Host (Server URL of xtream connection). Activate Captcha and click on Save .


Refresh Playlists in appication
Then back to Duplex IPTV application and choose Refresh to reload Playlists , Then the playlist name must appears .


Duplex IPTV settings

Basically, the settings are primitive and intuitive, but I want to talk about some points.

  1. To switch to another loungue : open “Settings”, then “General settings” and in the first line “Language” select “Langue”.
  2. Player change : to install an advanced player, open “Settings”, then “Player Settings” and change it in the first line (if necessary).
  3. If the player slows down : open “Settings”, then “Player settings” and in the second line turn on hardware acceleration.

All pleasant viewing. If you have any questions or suggestions, always glad to see your comments!

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